Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use NDIS funding to pay for the course or private sessions?

Our courses and private sessions with both Meg and Tara are eligible for NDIS funding if you are plan or self-managed and your goals align. People who have completed our course have utilised their core support funding or capacity building in the past. Please confirm with your plan manager or LAC.

Please note plan managers may apply NDIS fee limits in different ways.  

For private sessions, depending on your family's plan we can discuss how to best structure sessions to support your family within your coverage.    

Please email us with your family plan manager details and your contact number if you have further questions.  

If  there is a gap between what your plan manager agrees to cover and our fee,  families will be asked to cover the gap payment privately. If this would prevent you from accessing our service, please let us know at [email protected]

How do I claim under a Mental Health Care Plan?

Meg McIntosh is a Mental Health registered Occupational Therapist, and the coaching sessions will provide focused psychological strategies tailored to your families’ needs. The link here is an article for you to pass on to your GP if they are unsure whether they can refer to a Mental Health OT using a Mental Health Care Plan.

If you are eligible under the Medicare Benefit Scheme (MBS) you can get a referral from your GP for groups (item number 80145) or individual sessions (item number 80135 or 80140) to claim a rebate from Medicare after the sessions are completed.  You can find the current rebate amounts here: Medicare Benefits Schedule - Item 80135
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Our Commitments

We make commitments to make our learning and community spaces inclusive and welcoming for all folks. 

Do you offer your courses "in-person”?

Yes, we do occasionally run an in-person group session. If you want to arrange a group at your service, kinder, school or workplace and you have a minimum of 12 participants, we can travel to you within the greater Melbourne area, email us [email protected].

Can I work with Meg or Tara (or both) privately?

Yes, if you cannot attend one of the groups or require personalised support we do have limited private session appointments.

Also, Meg offers occupational therapy consultations and Tara offers anti-bias, equity, child rights and safety consultations and training. Email us at [email protected] and share with us what you need support with. 

What is your position on ABA?

We do not endorse ABA or other behavioural approaches. This is heavily influenced by the overwhelming feedback from neurodiverse adults (and children) reporting that they found these approaches unhelpful at best, and traumatic at worst.

We believe that though a reward or consequence/fear based behavioural approach may have a short term effect on changing behaviour, they do not promote the development of self-regulation or effective social adaptation (recognising that this term means different things to different neurotypes). They damage self-esteem, degrade connection and decrease the child's nervous system safety within those relationships. Behavioural approaches also do not work long term once the power dynamic evolves as children grow into adolescents.

Behaviour is communication of a need.  Behavioural approaches start their work way down stream. They may change the behaviour, but the need is still there, and you have likely missed an important learning opportunity.

Respectful, relationship centred approaches aim to create experiential learning opportunities through co-regulation within the child's social and environmental context. It becomes a way of life, a family or organisational culture that fosters connection and wellbeing for all.

Who is the community membership for?

The membership is for ongoing support for folks who have completed our Tuning in with Meg & Tara courses or participated in private sessions. If you would like more information about this check out the Community page on our website or email [email protected] if you are unsure whether it's for you.   

How do I create an account or sign up?

When you click on the “Join Now” button on this page for either an individual or couples' membership, you will be prompted to enter your personal and payment details and can pay with card or via PayPal. 

Once the payment is processed you will receive a confirmation email with your login details. Your name will appear in the community when you post. You can add a photo to your account if you would like it to appear so we recognise you on the posts too.  

I paid for a couples' membership but only one of us can log in?

Yes, whoever registered and paid for the membership will automatically receive the registration and login details. Please send your partner's name and email address to [email protected] and we will send them their log in information. 

Is the community membership eligible for NDIS funding?

Our courses and private sessions with both Meg and Tara are eligible for NDIS funding if you are plan or self-managed and your goals align. People who have completed our course have utilised their core support funding or capacity building in the past. Please confirm with your plan manager or LAC.

How do I cancel my membership?

Steps to cancel community membership:
1- Log in the Meg and Tara website
2- Click on the small person icon in the top left
3- Select 'My Account" from the drop down
4- Select "Billing"
5- Select "Subscriptions"
6- Select "Cancel"    

You will continue to have access until your current billing cycle is complete. No further deductions will be made. On cancellation both users in a couple membership access will end at the end of the current billing cycle.

When will I be billed?

The membership fee will be deducted from your account every 30 days from the day you enrolled and commenced payment.

What are the live sessions about and do I have to participate?

Our monthly live coaching calls are your opportunity to chat with Meg & Tara live on Zoom, bringing your questions, challenges and examples to workshop with us, and all other participants on the call. It will also be an opportunity to connect with all other members in our community. You are welcome to join in the discussion or just come along to listen in on the conversation. You are welcome to attend and participate in all live calls or none at all, whatever form of support works best for your family.

How often are the live sessions?

Live sessions on Zoom are on the second Sunday of every month. Meg & Tara will respond to questions and posts daily.

How do I access the Zoom link for the live sessions?

Head to the Community Welcome Page, scroll down and you will find the link to register for each live session.

Will the live sessions be recorded?

Yes, the live sessions will be recorded and a link shared with all members to rewatch at your convenience.

How do I post in the community?

You can “add post” to add text comments, an image or link to video content (on youtube for example). You can comment and interact with other members' posts, much like social media platforms.

How often will Meg & Tara post in the community?

Meg & Tara will put a video link in the community at least once a week with respectful and connected parenting content. We will respond to your questions and comments daily.

Who is the course for?

Our course is for everyone who would like to strengthen their relationships and connection with children. We often also get feedback from participants that it improves their adult relationships, and is even useful in workplaces! See the courses page for more information: 

How do I create an account and sign up?

When you click on "Enrol in the course" on this page you will have the choice to enrol as an individual or couple. We offer other payment options if:
- finance is a barrier to your participation
- you have a health care card
- you are currently experiencing additional barriers to participation due to discrimination (for example you are disabled, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander,  BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, living in remote location)
We also offer payment plans on the full prices.
Once you have chosen an option, you will be prompted to enter your personal and payment details and can pay with card or via PayPal.

If you would prefer an invoice, we can send one through with bank details for a direct deposit. We do provide receipts for claiming purposes as needed. Please email [email protected] if this is your preference. 

How long does the course run for?

6 weeks in total.

What does the course cover?

Scroll down on our course page to learn about the curriculum. 

How is the course delivered?

- Group Zoom calls
- Video content and PDF resources
- Private WhatsApp group for discussion 

When are the live sessions?

There will be a live session over Zoom every week for the 6 weeks of the course.
When you are registered for the course, you will be prompted to register for each of the sessions, where you will receive a confirmation and a reminder 24 hours before it starts. 

What if I can’t make a live session? Will they be recorded?

We can record sessions if a person is going to miss one or two sessions, we seek permission from the group beforehand. In general, this is a small group coaching process, different from a course in which you just are a receiver of the content. The learning is more in the group process of sharing and practising together so it is important you can attend most sessions live.

How can I communicate with Meg & Tara outside of the live sessions?

The private WhatsApp group and you can always email [email protected]. If you need additional support to process some of the reflections from group we will make a time to chat with you.