Consulting & Speaking

Our keynotes, workshops and seminars provide the opportunity for personal reflection and practical strategies. Our desire is for each participant to leave with a strong sense of their capacity to significantly strengthen their impact through relationships with children, families and colleagues. Particularly those most marginalised.

We share the theory, evidence and personal story of emotion coaching, brain development, neurodiversity, child rights and behaviour as communication, causal factors and responses to challenging behaviour, how to communicate with children and young people for better connection and to resolve challenges..

We Offer Consulting and Speaking on:

- Maintaining respectful and connected relationships with children  
- Practices for regulated learning spaces

- Transforming the environment for learning

- Sensory processing and integration

- Responding to neurodiversity

- Responding to trauma

- Movement and child development

- Movement and focus in the classroom

- Collaborative Problem Solving with children

- Responding to meltdowns  

- Responding to persistent challenging behaviours

- How to ask children “why” this behaviour  

- Creating inclusive environments for all identities  

- Social justice with children  

- Child rights  

- Understanding bias and discrmination  

- Child participation and consultations

- Including children in decision making  

- Creating a culture of consent and body safety

- How to have complex and/or taboo conversations with children 

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More About Us

About Meg & Tara

We came together as new school mums, over playdates and shared ideas about children and the way they live, play, and communicate.


Our workshops address the environmental and relational factors that lead to challenging behaviours from children. Every child (and adult) can benefit from more connected, collaborative and respectful relationships.