Our Commitments to you

We welcome all folks in all our diversity of identity, experiences and perspectives. Bring your full self with all your strengths, vulnerability and challenges. We make the following commitments and agree on personalised group standards with each group we create.

Meg & Tara commit to:


We only share from the group our own experiences and learnings with no information that identifies other members in our communities.

Respect and integrity

The way we communicate and the language we use will demonstrate our honesty and respect for children, their families and all the participants in our groups and courses.

Consider the way bias and discrimination impact folks differently

Including members of neurodiverse and autistic communities, BIPOC, Aboriginal and Toress Strait Islander folks, LGBTQIA+ folks, disabled folks, those with diverse socioeconomic circumstances. We welcome both the celebration of diverse identities and the trauma that may have come from living in with a marginalised identity. We invite folks to share their identities and preferred ways of describing their identity with us.

Own our intention and take responsibility for our impact

We are well intentioned and trust all our community are too, so if we or members of our community receive feedback that something we or others have said or done has caused harm we welcome the opportunity to understand and repair the impact of our behaviour.

Receive feedback and have hard conversations

When necessary due to discrimination, conflict or harm we welcome feedback. Folks can contact us (Meg and Tara) by email, text or comment in our online spaces to provide feedback anytime.

If a member of our community/s experiences harm due conflict or discrimination from our behaviour or another member, Meg & Tara will facilitate a restorative justice process that includes:

  • Understanding how harm was caused
  • Learning what, how and why to prevent harm happening again
  • Understanding what is needed for repair
  • Demonstrating change through learning and enacting repair

Humour and compassion

As we traverse some of the most challenging and wonderful aspects of family life we will hold you in deep compassion and at mostly appropriate times bring humour, laughter and connection to the conversations we can.