We support families and professionals in creating a culture of connection, respect and collaboration in their relationships with children.

Meg & Tara

About Us

Together, Meg McIntosh (Paediatric Occupational Therapist) and Tara Broughan (Parent Mentor/ Child Rights & Social Justice Consultant) have over 20 years’ experience working with and for, wonderful, diverse, neurodiverse, complex and marginalised families in Australia.

We believe we are most impactful when supporting parents and carers to transform the family environment with more connection, regulation and respectful communication.

We honour the wisdom each child, parent, carer and professionals have about their strengths, boundaries and challenges. We harness those ways of knowing to strengthen relationships and create pathways to great enjoyment in your relationships with children.

What We Do

Consulting & Speaking

We share the theory, evidence and personal story of emotion coaching, brain development, neurodiversity, child rights, causal factors, discrimination and more.

Parents, carers & Community

Discover strategies for self regulation, co-regulation with your child for less challenging behaviours and greater connection.

Professional Development

Our PD works with participants for deep personal reflection and practical strategies to transform relationships with children and response to behaviour.

work Meg & Tara

Why Work With us?

Together, we draw on our complementary strengths from Meg’s career as a Paediatric Occupational Therapist and Tara’s career in child rights and public policy. Our personal and professional experiences support us to create learning environments with a unique combination of knowledge, experience, and ways of knowing in the world.

We have a shared understanding of emotion coaching and regulation, conscious parenting, connection to nature and humble regard for the honour of accompanying folks on their learning in these areas.

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Live Courses

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Live Courses

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Client Success Stories

"We have had a greater sense of calm in our household as well as feeling like a team again. There are still some big feelings but I think it is getting us to reassess our thoughts and feelings about emotions and that they are not bad. It has helped us to connect and support our kids making them feel supported. Home life feels calmer."

Tuning in with Meg & Tara, 2020

"He (our child)  seems to feel more heard and validated, he is more reflective about his own feelings and reactions, he is generally happier - the effects on the family as a whole have also been profound. I have recommended the course to many other people because it was genuinely transformative!"

Tuning in with Meg & Tara, 2020

"What we are really noticing is an overall shift in how our children are behaving. How we all are! We are all calmer (most of the time!) and if something comes up we actually have some ideas on what to do! I’m feeling so much closer to the kids and I have learned so much about myself. We know there are no immediate fixes! but we are thrilled we are on a calmer, kinder and loving pathway to nurturing our children and each other through life. A beautiful course - thank you so much Meg and Tara!"

Tuning in with Meg & Tara, 2021

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Meg and Tara both live on the land of the Wurundjeri WoiWurrung people. We offer our respect, support, and rent to the custodians of this land, and all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. We acknowledge sovereignty was never ceded.