Family Safety Rules

These are our family safety rules that we speak about and refer to in providing kids with information on signs of safe and unsafe situations.

These are family safety rules for providing our kids with information to understand safe and unsafe situations. 

We refer to these regularly.


  • We use the correct names for our body parts including penis, vulva, anus etc

  • Body autonomy - I make decisions about my body, who touches it, when and and how. I am the boss of my body. Parents might need to help me keep safe, clean or healthy - but they will also invite cooperation, explain and only do what is necessary. I can say STOP. NO to anyone touching my body and my family support me. I listen to other peoples body boundaries. We practice as a family.

  • I choose who and how I give affection.

  • We don't have secrets. Secrets don't have an end and might not be safe. Kids should always be able to check in with their parents/carers no one should say we MUST keep a secret. Surprises have an end and EVERYONE finds out and enjoys the surprise at the end. If anyone tells me a secret about private parts, especially another kid, I will do my job as a safe friend and tell my parent/carer or another safe adult.

  • We listen to our intuition and bodies. Especially if our body says something might not be safe with shaking, sweating, heart racing, feeling frozen, like I need the toilet, like I might cry or something stuck in my throat, my legs are jelly, my tummy feels fluttery or sick. I always listen to my inner voice and guidance.

  • Private parts are private - my vulva, penis, anus, bottom and mouth are for me. I can touch them if I want to. It feels good. But they are just for me. I touch them in private, like me bedroom or bathroom. EXCEPT if mum dad (or name specific people who may also help with cleaning/wiping) or the doctor when I am with a caregiver. If someone trIes to touch my private parts I can say STOP DON'T TOUCH MY VULVA. STOP THATS MY BODY. STOP I DON'T WANT TO SEE/WATCH THAT ITS PRIVATE.

  • We don't go anywhere or accept gifts from someone until we have checked with our parents/caregivers. It will probably be ok but we should ask first. If I can't ask first the answer is NO.

  • Safe adults and young adults don't ask kids for help without their parents knowing. If someone needs your help, especially going somewhere away, a safe person will always be ok with you with your checking with parent or caregiver first. If I can't ask my carer first the answer is NO.

  • I don't need to be polite, or quiet or behave if my body says something or somebody feels unsafe - I can yell or scream or run away.

  • We can name at least 5 adults that I feel safe to tell something I am really worried about, even something that they might not like or something about private parts. They include someone from different parts of my community - family, friends and school.

  • Tricky people or behaviour is anyone who tries to break our family safety rules. It might be someone I know very well or not at all. They may be really nice, fun or scary but if they won't to break our safety rules we tell our parent or caregiver right away.

  • Our family listen to each other - if someone needs to share something no matter what it is we listen to each other and welcome it. we love each other, there is nothing I could say or do that would stop my parents/carers loving me and helping me. No matter what.

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