Tuning In With Meg And Tara February 2024

Respectful and connected family relationships

Our foundation course is the first step to greater connection, co-regulation and better communication in your family. We often find that participants have attended therapies, read books and listened to podcasts but the relationships, behaviours and patterns have remained the same.

We limit the number of participants so that each week you can bring your specific examples and challenges with your child/ren. We can unpack what didn’t go well, why and what to try next time.

There is no family “too bad”, or behaviour “too wild”. Yes, your family can benefit “if it is not that bad”. We have worked with families in all different places, stages and struggles. The group process is powerful, in both the experiences shared and in the diversity of experience of participants.

Regardless of the starting point we can support you to transform the relationships and behaviours in your family. This process is not only about learning new content, it is learning about you and your family and what needs to change for everyone in the family to feel supported, connected and respected.

Group calls on Zoom will be on Monday evenings 8pm on the following dates:
1. 26 February
2. 11 March
3. 25 March
4. 8 April
5. 22 April
6. 6  May

Pre-recorded videos and summary sheets are available. Messaging support by text and voice memos is available throughout the course, you can share questions, challenges and celebrations. 

Who is this for?

What's included in the workshop?

- Respond effectively to meltdowns, refusal and challenging behaviours; 

 - Want to take more pleasure and enjoyment from their time together;  

- Have siblings in a near-constant state of battle;  

- Want to be confident responding to big feelings while maintaining their own boundaries;  

- Understand the ‘why’ of their child's behaviour and how to ask  

- Value diversity, inclusion and equity to create safe spaces for all families;  

- Have all kinds of neurodiversity, mental health diagnosis and/or disability;  

- Have experienced trauma or challenge in their own childhoods and feel triggered by their child’s behaviour (that’s all of us by the way);  

- Are single-headed households; foster families, LGBTQIA+ families and co-parents (together or separated) who have different approaches to parenting.



- Fortnightly Zoom calls to cover course content and coaching calls on  Monday evenings at 8pm ; 

 - Daily online messaging support;  

- Video content and audio content;  

- Tuning in to Kids and Teens content and resources;  

- Limited to a small group of participants



- Safe, our groups are small, inclusive, contained and confidential; 

 - Relieved, as you realise other families do have similar experiences and you have a space to share honestly about your experience as a family;  

- Challenged as you consider the influence of your own experiences and beliefs around emotions and behaviour in your family.

Course Pricing

claiming with NDIS & Mental Health plans 

Our courses are eligible for NDIS funding if your goals align and Group Mental Health Care Plans from your GP. There are options below to pay in full on registration or with fortnightly instalments. We are able to provide invoices for claiming directly to NDIS providers or paid receipts for claiming fees paid. 

Discounted prices are available 

The alternative price option is for you if:
- finance is a barrier to your participation
- you have a health care card
- you are a current ADF family
- you are currently experiencing additional barriers due to systemic barriers (for example you are disabled, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander,  BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, living in remote location) 

  • Single participant instalments
  • 6 payments of

    $100 AUD

    every 2 weeks Book now
  • Discounted Single instalments
  • 6 payments of

    $60 AUD

    every 2 weeks Book now
  • Co-parent couple/carer instalments
  • 6 payments of

    $150 AUD

    every 2 weeks Book now
  • Co-parents/ couple /carers

    $900 AUD

      Book now
  • Discount co-parent /carer instalments
  • 6 payments of

    $90 AUD

    every 2 weeks Book Now

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Meg McIntosh

Paediatric Occupational Therapist, Parent Coach and Educator

Tara Broughan

Advocate, Educator, Parent Coach and Policy Advisor

Course Curriculum